Just a Spark 

Hi I'm Aj! I am the owner and prime cinematographer for Just a Spark Productions. I started Just a Spark in 2013 with nothing but a dream. I have always loved the film world and have been making my own movies since I was 8. It all started in my parent's living room with my sisters  as actors and an old, early 90's video camera. We recreated our favorite movies, wrote our own scripts and we even wrote an opera this one time. Since then I continued to work on both photo and video slideshows and montages for friends and family. I played around with video editing software and produced a couple of short films. There I started to get serious, I attended several film workshops and upgraded my equipment.  I took the dive into the world of cinematic wedding films and event videography and I absolutely love it! 
My style of shooting is run and gun. Currently I do primarily work alone but I do contract out to my photographer/videographer friends when necessary.  I try to be as unobtrusive as possible while on shoots.  I will get the best shots I can without compromising the integrity of the event. In other words I'll get the shot but I'm not going to run over grandma with a tripod dolly to do it.
I like every film I produce to be different and stand out in one way or another. No two of my wedding films are the same because everyone is different.  I'd like your video to reflect who you two are as a couple as well as capture the vibe of your special day.
Above photo courtesy of Kim Praast Photography